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Camstage Ltd. is known for its innovative work with cinema screens, projection screens, cinema renovations, high-end home cinemas, using curtains on stages and commercial buildings and other work necessary for performances inside and out, live and on film. The company's experts share some of their knowledge:

What's the Right Blind for You? Choosing the right blind for your venue or space can be an exhausting task. There's many questions you ask yourself, lots of different information around and sometimes there can be lots of opinions flowing around the workspace. Before you consider which blind type is right for you, you need to ask a simple… read more
Projection screen reference guide Front Projection screens 2D/3D digital using non polarised light Perl or Perlux™ brand gain screens are the most popular 2D front projection surfaces. They reflect more light back to the audience than matt white surfaces and are available in three gain levels: 1.4, 1.8, and 2.2. Perlux™ screens are recommended… read more
Curtains and tracks - types and applications As well as being a necessity for the stage, curtains can also be a flexible and cost-effective way to divide a room for dual or multiple use, or to control acoustics. Clever use of the right type of curtain, with the appropriate mechanisms and tracks, can transform a room without the need for expensive… read more
Choice and application of different projection screen surfaces There is a vast difference between screening a film in a purpose built cinema auditorium to screening for an indoor or outdoor event such as live theatre or opera, fashion shows, film premiers, and touring shows.   There are even differences between indoor auditoriums that will… read more
Converting sports, community, and school halls for stage, screen, more There are many reasons why you may want to convert a space such as a sports, school or community hall for use as a theatre, cinema, or both. The most usual reason is to maximise the potential of a space, possibly as a revenue stream, or maybe simply to make better use of… read more
Home cinema design considerations When planning a home cinema, the size of the space you’re using dictates everything from the size and type of screen, to the type of projector you choose. Screens There are several types of screen suitable for the home cinema but the best choice would be a static 16x9” screen, which resembles a wide screen… read more
Acoustic wall qualities and criteria for professional cinemas The term ‘acoustics’ is defined as: ‘the properties or qualities of a room or building that determine how sound is transmitted in it.’ And getting the acoustics right is vital for good audience experience in the cinema. Multi-screen cinemas have two main issues to contend with:… read more
Refurbishing older cinemas with new acoustic walls In their 1930s heyday, cinemas certainly lived up to their Picture Palace billing with grand, elaborate interiors that featured carvings and plaster decoration.   Sadly many of these buildings have disappeared; others have been converted into bingo halls, and those that haven’t already… read more

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