Heavy-duty curtain track for stages and multi-purpose spaces

Heavy-duty curtain track for stages and multi-purpose spaces

Camstage can help you find the right curtain track for your purpose. There are several things to consider when choosing stage curtain rails.

Heavy-duty curtain track for stages and multi-purpose spaces
Heavy-duty curtain track for multi-purpose spaces

And we’ll help you select the most appropriate for your needs, use, and environment by asking you lots of questions.

Stage curtain rails come in different weights, lengths, and you can even have curved tracks to follow the contour of a space.

Professional stage and theatre curtains are long and very heavy so you’ll need a heavy-duty curtain track.  But curtains in a drama studio or small community hall may be lighter so you could choose a lighter weight track.

Starting with your first call to Camstage we’ll ask you appropriate questions to make sure we recommend exactly the right tracking for your needs.

First of all we need to know where the curtains will hang. For example, are they for a stage, an office, school drama room, or multi-purpose hall? They will almost certainly hang in a public space so they will need to meet health and safety standards, as will the tracks from which they will hang.

Then we need to know the type of curtain you want to hang as well as how often it will be moved. This is particularly important in schools or multi-use spaces when the curtains have to be moved to transform a space for another use.

Will they be decorative when pulled back or do you want them completely hidden? And we’ll need to know who will operate the curtains because this will also determine the type of mechanism we recommend.

We’ll always explain our recommendations and how they will benefit you.

Perimeter tracks in a figure of 8
Perimeter track in a figure of 8 to create centre room divider


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