Interior design and home cinema

Interior design and home cinema

As an interior designer, chances are you’ll be asked to create a home cinema either in a new-build house or as part of a renovation or redesign.

But where do you start? How do you know what type of screen will work best or how to achieve the best possible acoustics?

Camstage has worked with many interior designers over the years, helping to make their fabulous ideas reality. And we’ve installed true home cinema experience into the private homes of the most exacting film fanatics - including JP Getty.  

We can advise you on everything you need to turn a space into a home cinema for your film loving clients. We take care of the acoustics, cable management, screen system, projection, LED lighting, curtain systems, and even the carpets!

And your clients get the highest quality products, service and expertise from a company that supplies services to all the major cinema chains, both here and overseas.

Interior design and home cinema
ClothGrip walls and Projection screen in a Celler games room with Home cinema

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