CamStyle™ Acoustic Panels

CamStyle™ Acoustic Panels
CamStyle™ Cloud Acoustic Panels

CamStyle™ Acoustic Panels

A new way to control noise in your environment are suspended acoustic ceiling panels and stylish acoustic shaped wall panels

Camstage’s range of wall and ceiling sound absorbing panels offers a different and eye-catching way to absorb noise in open plan areas.

If you have high ceiling, with a high level of echo and reverberation, we can use our hanging shaped ceiling panels to create a stunning visual effect. And it’s cost effective too.

The CamStyle™ acoustic shaped panels have no visible fixing sections on any of the four sides. This results in a beautiful individual panel which can be used in single units, joined together to other panels, or with shadow gaps as a design feature.

With our new shaped acoustic wall and ceiling panels, these are pre- manufactured which frees up a lot of the installation time, unlike the disruption caused by a full acoustic refurbishment. This will allow the required design to be completed in a very fast and professional manner, returning the room to you usually within a day rather than days, allowing you to continue with minimum disruption.

CamStyle Wall
CamStyle Hexagon Wall

CamStyle™ ceiling panels are available in a wide range of sizes, shapes and colours, which all give a superb frameless appearance. The functional use is endless.

The CamStyle™ wall Panels can be used in any situation from corporate offices, Board Rooms, Universities, Schools, colleges, children's nurseries.

Choose a corporate look or a sleek design to match your business, or choose fun shapes for schools and nurseries.

CamStyle™ shaped wall panels are ideal for sensory and visual aids too. Take a look our range and choose the shape and design to match your space.

CamStyle™ Keeping it green

Keeping it green  CamStyle™ Glass fibre sound absorption boards are manufactured using recovered household glass and   recycled glass fibre.

The fabric range is manufactured from 100% recycled materials saving virgin raw materials, reducing waste to landfill and minimising our damage to the environment.

Made using sustainable manufacturing techniques, including green electricity, comprehensive energy and effluent management, borehole water and on-going waste saving initiatives.

Our manufactures are focused on achieving the highest environmental standards in their operations, products and innovations. They engage with and act responsibly towards local communities and wider interest groups.

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