Perimeter Tracks, Bars and Curtains

Perimeter Tracks, Bars and Curtains

Here at Camstage we work with all types of venues, from community centres to schools to solve acoustic problems. Sometimes there’s a combination of visual and acoustic issues that need resolving.

Perimeter Bars and Curtains

Perimeter Bars Curtains RedBull Racing Tours
Perimeter bars curtains at RedBull Racing Tours

Perimeter bars are a brilliant way of keeping your project within budget, if costs are keeping your vision from coming alive this is one of the best cost-effective solutions for you.

So, ask yourself…

  • Do the curtains need to move?
  • Does the venue need to improve acoustics?
  • Do you need to improve the aesthetics or environment?

You can instantly turn a warehouse into a unique space by adding curtains and a static bar system, with barrels around the inside perimeter of the room it becomes visually and acoustically pleasing.

Your venue will have entrances and fire exits that need to be visible all the time, so our solution is to hang shorter curtains over these areas so you can still keep these clear if an emergency arises.

Perimeter barrel systems are a fantastic way to maintain storage and hide clutter within your venue by installing the bars away from the walls, providing a luxury finish to the room. These curtains can be manufactured in a variety of fabrics from Velour to Blackout, so whatever application you need to upgrade your space there’s a solution for you. These barrel systems are made bespoke to your venue, so if you need extra space to hide kit, tables or equipment or want to upgrade the space, we can make this happen.

Transform your space into a multi-purpose venue by using a simple but effective low maintenance static barrel system, from boring white walls to a ruby red sanctuary inviting an abundance of new trades to your venue. Think of this, your venue holding a product launch one week, an award ceremony the next and so on, your opportunities are now endless!

Perimeter Tracks and Curtains

Perimeter stage tracks at Dysons photography studio
Perimeter stage tracks at Dysons photography studio

Perimeter Tracks are a neat and cost-effective way to convert a space such as a sports hall into a conference room in a matter of minutes. The curtains will acoustically balance the room and hide anything that doesn’t need to be on show. It can be quickly and easily reverted back to its primary use by retracting the curtains into their 'parked' position within a few minutes.

Camstage only supplies and install tracks and curtains which are fit for purpose so no matter who operates them. When it comes to health and safety nothing is left to chance.

We have used perimeter tracks in many types of venues including TV studios, film studios, photographic studios and more! You may start working on a live music video and need to acoustically balance the room, you need a chromakey backdrop to film your new scene but your infinity wall is just too hard of a surface? Choose a chromakey curtain to balance the sound in the room whilst also providing you a new workspace to film, within a few minutes you’ve opened up your work environment to new and exciting possibilities!

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