Dimout and Standard Blinds

Dimout Blinds

Dimout blinds, also known as standard blinds, are essential in entertainment venues because of their versatility and practicality. They're specially made to regulate the amount of light entering a space. In settings like theatres, classrooms, and offices where controlling light is crucial, dimout blinds are a great choice. The term "Dimout Blinds" comes from the type of fabric used. Dimout fabrics effectively block out light, creating a dimmer atmosphere when fully closed.


Roller Blinds

Dimout Blinds
      Dimout Roller Blinds

Roller blinds are becoming popular in commercial venues for their functionality and visual appeal. Installing roller blinds in busy areas can improve workflow and minimise distractions. Making dimout blinds a smart investment in any business. Our Roller Blind collection offers a wide range of colours, fabrics, and textures. Dimout roller blinds seamlessly fit into any commercial space, offering both style and functionality. Dimout Blinds provide great light control without requiring more intrusive solutions.

Roller Blind systems offer four ways to operate: manual, cord, chain or motorised. Dimout roller blinds are perfect for entertainment and commercial venues. They offer control over natural light to improve focus and visibility during events like business meetings or live performances. They provide adjustable privacy levels without compromising visual appeal, making them suitable for areas with high traffic like offices or conference rooms. Roller blinds are sturdy, easy to clean, and help save energy by managing heat gain and loss through windows. Plus, they can be customised to include branding elements such as company logos or images.


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Venetian Blinds

Dimout Venetian Blinds
Dimout Venetian Blinds

In commercial venues in the entertainment industry, creating the perfect atmosphere is vital. Venetian blinds offer a versatile solution, effortlessly combining customisation and functionality. They can be tailor-made to fit any window size or shape, catering to a variety of needs from boutique shops to large concert halls. Available in a range of colours, styles, and materials including wood and aluminium, Venetian Blinds allow businesses to choose blinds that match their branding or decor. This ensures they can create the desired ambiance while maintaining a cohesive look throughout.

Venetian blinds give you the choice between corded or motorised mechanisms. Electric blinds have a modern look and provide safety benefits. Cord-operated blinds give you precise control over light and privacy levels all day long. Overall, Venetian blinds improve the atmosphere and practicality in commercial spaces. They manage natural light, ensure privacy and offer great flexibility for businesses looking to enhance their surroundings.


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Vertical Blinds 

      Dimout Vertical Blinds
      Dimout Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds play a crucial role in controlling light, they enhance privacy and improve aesthetics. Vertical blinds seamlessly blend into any space from office lobbies to theatres. Dimout Blinds provide operational flexibility, with options such as corded or motorised systems, catering to the needs of any venue. These blinds can be tailor-made to fit the uniqueness of any site, ensuring a seamless integration with the existing space. They come in a variety of colours to match branding or decor schemes.

Furthermore, vertical blinds offer design flexibility, allowing businesses to express their identity through creative combinations of coloured slats. They also provide practicality with moisture-resistant or wipe-clean fabrics. Vertical blinds can contribute to energy efficiency by regulating indoor temperatures. Therefore, cutting down on utility bills and supporting sustainability efforts. 


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Roman Blinds

Dimout Roman Blinds
Dimout Roman Blinds

In commercial and entertainment venues, finding the perfect blend of functionality and style is key. Roman blinds offer a versatile solution, effortlessly blending aesthetics with practicality. Unlike ready-made options, roman blinds can be tailored to fit any window size or shape within venues, ensuring they seamlessly integrate with the existing decor for a professional finish that enhances the overall atmosphere.

Roman blinds offer extensive customisation options, with a wide range of colours, fabrics, and textures available. Whether you prefer subtle neutrals for a sophisticated touch or vibrant shades to add personality, there's a colour to suit every business. Additionally, Roman blinds provide operational ease with chain or motorised mechanisms. Furthermore, their energy-efficient properties are particularly noteworthy, acting as insulating barriers to regulate temperature and contribute to lower energy consumption. This makes them invaluable for enhancing both the ambiance and efficiency of commercial and entertainment spaces.


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Expert Installation by Our Engineers

At Camstage, we go beyond just offering Dimout Blinds – we deliver quality solutions paired with unmatched expertise and professionalism in installations. Our dedication to excellence means we craft custom-made dimout blind systems to perfectly suit your venue's individual needs. Whether it's manual or electric dimout blinds, or blinds reaching over ten meters high, our team of skilled engineers excels in seamlessly integrating blinds into commercial spaces. With Camstage, you can trust that your venue will not only look outstanding but also benefit from optimal light management tailored precisely to your requirements.

Our teams always strive to go above and beyond – from flawless installations to effortlessly meeting your deadlines. Our dedication to excellence shines through every step of the process. With our on-site measuring services, we offer thorough support, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from start to finish. Your dimout blinds will mirror our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With Camstage, you can be confident that your project is in capable hands, guaranteeing results that surpass your expectations.


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