Acoustic wall pleated ​drapes

Acoustic wall pleated ​drapes

Showcase wall pleated drapes
Showcase flat wall pleated drapes

Acoustic wall pleated drapes are also known as Acoustic cloth wall pleating or Pleated wall drapes. These types of fixed curtains are used for cosmetic and acoustic purposes where luxury is the desired effect! Pleating can be found in a variety of venue types such as nightclubs and casinos.

In recent years pleated wall drapes have made a comeback, we have been installing this traditional style of curtain in new retro style cinemas across the film sector. Giving a richer and more authentic feel to your venue, bringing you back to the good old days of the silver screen.

If you are looking for opulence, and luxury within your venue with the added benefit of hiding any structural imperfections in older buildings, acoustic wall pleating is a great choice. The unique design of these curtains is equal to the star quality of our state-of-the-art fitted acoustic soft wall panels. The acoustic qualities of these curtains are fantastic and are a great alternative to fixed panels or where a temporary install is required.  

Improve the acoustics in your venue with pleated wall drapes. The pleating is done in situ, on site at the time of the install. Before we begin the pleating, an acoustic treatment is placed on the wall before pleating starts. The treatment we use varies from venue to building but we could use our innovative CamTek foam or acoustic slabs also known as Rockwool or Lamaphon. We install pattresses to hold your speakers, lights and wall fixtures that will need to be mounted flush on the wall after the pleating. We can install pleating in various types of venues including theatres, bingo halls, cinemas studios and more!

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