Blackout Blinds

Blackout Blinds

There are two definitions for blackout: 100% Total Blackout and Blackout. Blackout is meant to reduce the amount of light entering a room when the blinds are fully closed. However, some light may still filter through the edges of the blinds. 100% Total Blackout blinds are precisely engineered to guarantee complete darkness when fully shut, eliminating any potential light leakage around the edges. A completely blacked-out room offers the best projector or lighting performance.

When introducing Blackout blinds into your venue, there’s many safety factors to consider. With this in mind, we offer different types of operational systems to cater to the needs of all spaces. Operations such as Manual, Corded, Chain or Electric. In places where there's children present, there are Child Safe options available. Camstage Blackout blinds are custom made to order and can be expertly installed by our in-house engineers.


Blackout Blinds

Roller Blinds 

Blackout roller blinds offers two levels of light control, blackout and 100% total blackout. Roller Blinds offer a wide range of colours and fabric styles to choose from. Including the option to incorporate bespoke designs like company logos or high-quality images. Crafted as one piece of unbroken fabric and made-to-measure, our roller blinds seamlessly blend into any entertainment space. There are four operation options available manual, cord, chain or electric.

For cinemas or venues where light control is crucial, our 100% total blackout blind option guarantees scenes are cast in perfect darkness. Manufactured to perfection, these blinds create complete darkness with channels on both sides and the base, leaving no room for light to sneak through. With light leakage eliminated, the viewing image remains crisp and uninterrupted. Distractions will be out the way and venues can continue to focus on creating an immersive entertainment experience for their customers. 

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Venetian Blinds

Venetian Blinds

Backout Venetian Blinds offer quality light blockage, essential for venues like theatres and cinemas. Their custom-made options ensure a perfect fit for any window size or venue. These blinds are available in various colours and designs styles such as wood and aluminium. 

Venetian blackout blinds come in different design styles to match venue requirements. Camstage blackout Venetian blinds offer a flexible choice for creating the perfect atmosphere in any entertainment space. Whether there’s a preference for motorised or manual controls, there's an option for any venue.

Deciding between 100% Total Blackout and Blackout blinds is crucial for managing light in entertainment venues. Blackout blinds are made to significantly reduce light when shut, but a some might still escape through the edges. On the other hand, 100% Total Blackout blinds guarantee complete darkness by stopping any light leaks. It’s important to remember, whilst these blinds greatly reduce light, they cannot achieve 100% Total Blackout due to their slatted design. 

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Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds

Blackout Vertical blinds give exact control over light and come with customisable features perfect for entertainment venues. They're custom made to fit any space, whether it's a large theatre or a cosy studio. Vertical blinds can be manufactured using different colours and textures to match any decor, adding both style and functionality.

Blackout vertical blinds offer flexibility with two operation options: corded or motorised. Cord-operated blinds are straightforward to use. Cords are used to open and close the blinds and a chain is used to adjust the slats. Motorised Vertical blinds are controlled by a manual wand to open and close and the blind and an internal motor to electrically control the tilt of the slats. 

Vertical blinds are a smart investment, but it's important to know if your venue needs blackout or total blackout. It's crucial to understand the difference between blackout and 100% total blackout. Blackout blinds stop a lot of light filtering into the room, whilst 100% total blackout blinds block all incoming light. Vertical blackout blinds, with their slatted design, can't achieve total blackout. 

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Roman Blinds

Roman Blinds

Blackout Roman blinds are becoming more popular in the entertainment industry because they offer versatility and customisation. With custom features, Roman Blinds can be seamlessly integrated into the venue's aesthetics, whether it's a small theatre or a large concert hall.

Roman blackout blinds can be made with a range of various colours, fabrics, and textures. Venues can choose between manual or motorised systems for easy operation or adjusting light in difficult spots. These blinds also regulate indoor temperatures, cutting down on the need for artificial heating or cooling.

Roman blinds are great at blocking light, however Roman blinds can’t offer total blackout because of how they're made. It's important to know the difference between blackout and 100% total blackout. Blackout blinds are meant to eliminate most light when they're fully closed, but a bit of light might still leak through the edges. 100% total blackout blinds make sure there's absolutely no light sneaking in, giving you complete darkness. 

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Expert Installation by Our Engineers

At Camstage, we go beyond just supplying Blackout Blinds. We offer quality solutions alongside unbeatable expertise and professionalism in our installation services. Our dedication to quality drives us to create bespoke blackout blind systems that match your business's individual needs perfectly. Whether you opt for manual or electric blackout blinds or require blinds fitted to the highest point of your church roof. Our team of expert engineers excels in seamlessly integrating blinds into commercial spaces. When you choose Camstage, you can trust us to guarantee that your venue not only boasts outstanding aesthetics but also benefits from precisely tailored light management solutions to suit your exact requirements.

Our teams always go the extra mile, ensuring flawless installations and meeting your deadlines with ease. Our dedication to excellence shines through every step of the process. With our on-site measuring services, we provide thorough support, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience from beginning to end. Your blackout blinds will reflect our unwavering commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With Camstage, rest assured that your project is in capable hands, delivering results that exceed your expectations.

Unsure of which system if right for you? More in-depth technical information about each blind style can be found in our Knowledge  Base blog. Choosing The Right Blind For You.

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