Camstage's good, long-time ties pay off for clients fire curtain

Camstage's good, long-time ties pay off for new fire curtain for client


Changes during a project led to a last-minute requirement of a fire curtain.


A "let's do it" attitude bolstered with on-site vendor visits and visioning led to a fast turn-around.


Camstage Ltd. stopped a disaster with a last-minute addition to a recent job at the Royal Air Force Base Lakenheath.
The base has been without its own cinema for at least five years. Three years ago, US Air Force managers decided to bring back a cinema, starting a top-to-bottom renovation expected to cost 685K - 3.4M GBP.

The reveal of the complete remodel of the theatre -- Camstage did the seats and walls -- came to a stop when a fire marshal visited the site. His requirement of a fire curtain nearly canceled the grand event, but Camstage was able to use its long time good relationships with vendors to get the curtain up so the opening was only delayed a short while.

Fire curtains, designed to stop fire from transferring from the stage to the auditorium, are a routine install for Camstage, which has been in the cinema supply and installation industry since 1989. The fire curtain wasn't a legal requirement when the bid specifications were set in August 2011. But the UK's changing laws and a growing knowledge of how the curtains can help stop disasters led to the new, last-minute request.

Then Camstage successfully faced a new international challenge at RAF Lakenheath, which is the UK's biggest US Air Force base and home to the 48th Fighter Wing. The newly refurbished cinema was a project of the U.S. Air Force. That meant the fire curtain had to drop in 30 seconds, not the 60 seconds approved by the British fire marshall.

Mission accomplished -- and we documented the fast drop in a video.


"When we learned about the last-minute need, we were able to pick the right sources for a quick and good manufacturing and installation of a fire curtain because we already knew what was possible from our past work. The process would have been much more time-consuming for contractor to do on his own."

"We got the call saying the project was in trouble and went to work right then finding the perfecct solution."


"Once again you have managed to meet the set deadline! I would like to thank you and your sub-contractors for this and all the work you have done for us over the past couple of months .... thank you for all your hard work in making this happen."

Stephen Brundell (Vinci Facilities)


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