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Acoustic Molton Black

Cloth Name
Acoustic Molton Black
Fabric Reference Code
Acoustic Molton Black
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Acoustic Molton Black is a heavy weight fabric that combines, great masking properties with acoustic benefits. This fabric is a Non-Durably Flame Retardant Fabric. (NDFR).  At 3m wide, Acoustic Molton represents a great value for money. It can be used in its own right, or as a lining or interlining for acoustic drapes offered by Camstage. This cloth is available in black  or white.

Acoustic Molton is perfect for:

  • Masking & Cinema Masking
  • Decorative / Scenic
  • Film and TV Studios
  • Acoustic Wall Pleats
  • Stage Curtains, Borders and Wings
  • Main Tabs and Valances

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