ClothGrip™ improves sound at U.S. embassy

ClothGrip™ improves sound at U.S. embassy

ClothGrip™ improves sound at U.S. embassyClothGrip™ improves sound at U.S. embassy

The U.S. embassy in London, which plans to move in 2017, keeps improving its building at Grosvenor Square.

The Camstage Ltd. designers chose multiple colours of decorative ClothGrip™ sound absorbing panels for the auditorium.

The project manager told Sue Camastra, who leads most of the design work, that they loved the finished project.The updated walls looked good and helped with sound. Camstage created ClothGrip™ acoustic panels, which are a combination of Camtek and plastic extrusions stapled to the wall and then have then cloth pushed into the extrusions. That allows designers to choose the perfect colour or combination of colours.

The London embassy is the largest American embassy in Western Europe, and is the focal point for events relating to the United States held in the United Kingdom.

Camstage was formed in 1989 and is known as a leading UK supplier to the cinema and theatre industries. Products include projection screens, stage curtains and acoustic wall panels needed in cinemas, theatres, places of worship, crematoriums, educational facilities, home cinemas and other venues. Services include design, installation and maintenance.

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