Camstage supports ABTT

Camstage Ltd. Is a proud new supporter of the Association of British Theatre Technicians

The Association of British Theatre Technicians

As one of the leading suppliers and installers of theatrical equipment in the UK,  Camstage joined this premier organization to support its efforts for safety and best practices.

The ABTT, founded in 1961, campaigns on behalf of the theatre industry to ensure legislation is appropriate to the industry’s needs, and that regulations are suitably drafted and enfor


The organization also offers a variety of classes on safety and techniques, ensuring all Camstage employees are experts.

Camstage was formed in 1989 and is known as a leading UK supplier to the cinema and theatre industries. Products include projection screens, stage curtains and acoustic wall panels needed in cinemas, theatres, places of worship, crematoriums, educational facilities, home cinemas and other venues. Services include design, installation and maintenance.

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