Camstage installs black wool serge curtains

Camsstage hanging black wool serge curtainWhy black wool serge? Let’s explore!

Black wool serge curtains are a versatile product for Camstage Ltd.

We recently hung curtains from barrels around most of the perimeter of a former manufacturing plant. The curtains create a better look for the owner who plans to use the building differently.

Although there are many ways to improve the looks of a wall, curtains are a quick way to achieve this new look.

Wool serge is a great cloth that we use on many of our projects. One reason is that the natural cloth, made from sheep’s wool, is inherently flame retardant. I also like that wool serge is very resilient. The thickness of this durable fabric helps it absorb sound. The wool is woven so there is no nap, which means it looks the same from all angles. Those things are why we can use wool serge in so many ways, like:

  • Blackout
  • Dividers
  • Masking
  • Tabs
  • Valances
  • And, of course, curtains.

Although it comes in many colours, we at Camstage often find ourselves using black wool serge for several reasons:

  • It looks great on its own
  • It is inherently flame retardant
  • Is a great sound absorber
  • With the right lighting, it draws attention to what ever is in front
  • It looks ultramodern and cool
  • It comes in several widths
  • Black wool serge is useful in many applications including as blackout, dividers, valances, and masking
  • Black is a timeless colour that goes well with everything

We do offer the wool serge in many colours — plum, slate, midnight blue to name a few. Check our fabric selections area or contact us through the form, by email or call.

In the top photo, I am adjusting a curtain to make sure no light peaks through. We hung the curtains from a barrel and used velcro to tack the hem to some timber at the bottom. The bottom photo shows how well the curtain drapes. We can easily control the fullness to create the desired effect.

Camstage black wool serge curtains

I’ll share more photos in a future post.

By Franco Camastra

Published 2nd July 2018

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